Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 keep Waiting for jockey-backend to exit

I have this problem twice, that after a fresh install of ubuntu 11.10, it is having problem updating software cache. Whenever I tried to run Update Manager, it will pop out a message box saying "Waiting for jockey-backend to exit". I believe this is a bug of ubuntu 11.10.

I found the solution for this problem from, and you simply need to follow these few steps to manually end the jockey-backend and allows your ubuntu to update software cache.

What is jockey-backend ?

Jockey is a tool for installing third-party hardware drivers.

Jockey provides the infrastructure and the user interface for finding and installing third-party drivers which are applicable to the computer. This includes drivers which are added or updated after the release of a distribution, or drivers which cannot be included into the distribution for various reasons (CD space limitation, licensing problems, etc.).

Solution :
You only need jockey for enabling restricted drivers, afterwards you can safely disable it.

Open Terminal and type following commands:

1) To get into root mode
    sudo -i

2) To check the process id of jockey
    ps -e | grep jockey

Output: 2982 pts/0 00:00:00 jockey

remember the process id(2982)

3)Type the following to stop/kill the process

  sudo kill -9 [process_id]

 sudo kill -9 2982


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